Wednesday, March 5, 2008

March Happenings

March seems to be the time for the local gun shows. The Big Boys Gun Show will be held at the Stover Community Center on the 15th & 16th.
The Tri-County Gun Show will be held at Millie's Tri-County Convention Center on the 29th & 30th. Hope to see you there.
Don't forget, the Open Air Market opens the first week-end in April (the 4th, 5th & 6th).


Anonymous said...

Hi, I can't find any information on family of my maternal Great Grandmother, Minnie Mae Ratcliff. She married my Great Grandfather in Morgan county in 1989. His name is George Lankford Cooper. I don't know her folks or's driving me crazy.
Thanks if you can help.

Anonymous said...

OOps...U meant 1898 :)Cyndi

Pat said...

I work at the museum a couple of days this week, I'll see if we have anything there that might help, also have you tried Miller county. The Ratcliff families lived close to the Miller county line so they might be found there

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat, Any way you know of info on Deb Tryon. Also still trying to find out anything past Wm. Churchill Silvey of Roan Co. Tn. At a stand still. Also You once said you know my Siter Fonda Sue Silvey Rains. I told her about you. Can you refresh my memory on that. Steve Silvey